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Our Personal Care Attendant (PCA) program allows eligible individuals to hire personal care attendants to help them do the things they can’t do for themselves. Personal care attendants help disabled individuals get in and out of bed, bathe, dress, eat, and other Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), as well as prepare food, keep the house clean, food shop, and other Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). This program keeps people independent, healthy, safe, and in their own homes--and the person with the disability is in charge of hiring and training (and firing, if necessary) their PCAs.


Who is eligible for PCA services?

  • The individual must have MassHealth Standard or CommonHealth (if you are not currently eligible, we can discuss how you might become so).

  • The individual must have a chronic or permanent disability.

  • The individual must need physical (hands-on) assistance with at least two ADLs (mobility, bathing/grooming, dressing/undressing, passive range of motion exercises for keeping limbs and joints limber and flexible, taking medications, eating, and toileting).


Who pays for Personal Care Attendants?

MassHealth provides the funds to pay PCAs based on the amount of time approved.


Who can be a Personal Care Attendant?

Just about anyone can work as a PCA. Individuals can hire family members (except for a spouse, legal guardian, or surrogate), friends, neighbors, or folks they find through help wanted ads.

Do you think you, a family member, or a friend might benefit from Personal Care Attendant Services? Please call us 413-442-7047 with any questions.



To learn more about hiring a PCA or to register to work as a PCA visit:


If you are already a PCA consumer and need more information or forms please visit:



PCA Employment 

AdLib does not hire or employ PCA's.


If you are interested in working as a PCA please click the link below to apply. 

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